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Eric H. (Guest)
on 2009-01-29 02:51
(Received via mailing list)
rdoc version 2.3.0 has been released!

* <Project Page:>
* <Documentation:>

RDoc is an application that produces documentation for one or more
Ruby source
files.  RDoc includes the +rdoc+ and +ri+ tools for generating and
online documentation.

At this point in time, RDoc 2.x is a work in progress and may incur
API changes beyond what has been made to RDoc 1.0.1.  Command-line
tools are
largely unaffected, but internal APIs may shift rapidly.

See RDoc for a description of RDoc's markup and basic use.


### 2.3.0 / 2009-01-28

* 3 Major Enhancements
   * Michael G.'s Darkfish generator is now the default for HTML
   * Various rdoc generation speedups by Hongli L..  Patches #22555,
     #22557, #22562, #22565.
   * rdoc/discover.rb files are loaded automatically from installed gems

* 8 Minor Enhancements
   * Added a space after the commas in ri class method lists.  RubyForge
     enhancement #22182.
   * Improved ri --interactive
   * Generators can now override generated file locations
   * Moved unmaintained CHM generator to it's own package
   * Moved unmaintained extra HTML templates to their own package
   * Removed experimental texinfo generator
   * Converted to minitest
   * Known classes and modules list outputs once per line now for grep

* 11 Bug Fixes
   * Fix missing superclass in ri output
   * Fix an RDoc crash when told to parse an empty file
   * Ignore nonexistent files instead of crashing
   * .txt and .rdoc files are always considered text.  Patch #22897 by
   * When merging ri data with a nonexistant directory, RDoc no longer
   * Fix visibility of methods in XML output.  Issue by Yehuda K..
   * Fixed relative link generation
   * Fix crash, RDoc now ignores comments above local variable
assignments in
   * RDoc now only accepts adjacent comments for rb_define_module and
   * C file RDoc is no longer included in token stream
   * Scan all gem paths to match gem name for ri output

* <Project Page:>
* <Documentation:>
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