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Post T. (Guest)
on 2008-12-31 13:38
Please take a look at the newly released RubyGoRails live demo at

You may download and simply run inside
the extracted folder:
  ruby script/server
And you will have the same demo on your own computer.

Q: Why do you want to use RubyGoRails on top of Rails?
A: It is easier, because there is no need to generate stubs. All you
need to do is to add Ruby files into the DocRoot directory, and they are
ready to be executed. You still enjoy the full-compatibility of the Go
Web Framework (see below)

Please take a look at the newly released free open-source TUDBC's Go Web
Framework (previously TudbcJRubyServlet) at  (including API) (with live demos)

The new unified framework has been expanded to support virtually any

High portability among wide range of web servers
* Java EE 5 (e.g. GlassFish, Resin, Tomcat, etc.),
* Ruby servers (e.g. WEBrick, Mongrel, Thin, etc.)
* Traditional web servers with CGI (e.g. Apache)

High portability among many programming languages
* Java and JSP
* .NET (C#, F#, J#, VB.NET, C++/CLI, etc.)
* Ruby on Rails (NEW!!!!!)
* Ruby (original, IronRuby, JRuby)
* PHP (original, Phalanger, Quercus)
(Coming soon) Python (original, IronPython, Jython), Perl, C/C++, etc.

In particular for Ruby, it unifies Ruby web programming for all flavors
of Ruby (original, IronRuby, JRuby) in all native web servers (including
IIS and Java EE servers).

Thank you!

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