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Thomas E Enebo (Guest)
on 2008-12-17 22:49
(Received via mailing list)
The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.1.6


JRuby 1.1.6 is the sixth point release of JRuby 1.1.  The fixes in this
release are primarily obvious compatibility problems and performance
enhancements.  Our goal is to put out point releases more frequently for
the next several months (about 3-4 weeks a release).  We want a more
rapid release cycle to better address issues brought up by users of

- Additional Ruby 1.9 support (via --1.9)
  - Full 1.9 parser
  - Most core 1.9 methods/libraries/classes
- An evergrowing list of dead IO references bug fixed
- Much faster Array.sort
- Run gems out of jar files without having to unpack them.
- Store gem repositories in jars and load them via the classpath.
- Improved JavaEmbedUtils for embedders
- Removed two measurable memory leaks during RC process
- 74 bugs fixed since 1.1.5

Key     Summary
JRUBY-441      Java integration code does not report errors well
JRUBY-1133   $KCODE is ignored when multibyte character is used inside
regular expression
JRUBY-1181   Rake batch file for Windows environments
JRUBY-1476   jruby.home extraction / jar-complete / content mismatch
JRUBY-1489   Adding encapulated parse methods for external uses, such
as JSR223 API implementation
JRUBY-1801   Support Ruby 1.9 stabby lambda syntax
JRUBY-2028   LocalJumpError is displayed when a block is invoked in a
java thread.
JRUBY-2183   handling method_missing is slower than in MRI
JRUBY-2198   Array#sort is slower than MRI
JRUBY-2209   An Interrupt wipes out END {} blocks
JRUBY-2210   permissions on $JRUBY_HOME/lib/ruby/gem/1.8 not wide enough
JRUBY-2224   jirb breaks method_added for classes
JRUBY-2279   JRuby's Signal pollutes Kernel namespace with
signal-specific constants
JRUBY-2290   form.datetime_select not working with IE in 1.1RC2 (but
does with Firefox)
JRUBY-2301   JRuby script would work when java is installed but
JAVA_HOME not set
JRUBY-2380   Thread.list has a race condition
JRUBY-2546   Using reflection to set a String on a field results in an
JRUBY-2602   Lots of Readline::HISTORY rubyspec failures
JRUBY-2613   Readline.readline wants two arguments
JRUBY-2703   Indexed methods are no longer supported, and options and
code related to them should be removed or deprecated.
JRUBY-2746   jruby -S flag does not search PATH, not support relative
locations within PATH
JRUBY-2780   RegexpError: target of repeat operator is invalid
JRUBY-2798 rubyspec failure on Mac OS X, Soylatte
JRUBY-2799   Need some mechanism to call masked java methods
JRUBY-2834   More than 50 RubySpec failures for ARGF
JRUBY-2852   rcov.rb:654:in `aggregate_data': NilClass can't be coerced
into Fixnum (TypeError) when running jruby -S rake spec:rcov
JRUBY-2948   Exceptions do not cut off at binding evals after change
reported in JRUBY-2945
JRUBY-3078   require should be made either threadsafe or guaranteed to
run the discovered file exactly once
JRUBY-3104   Ruby 1.9 parser support
JRUBY-3107   Ability to get extra position information from
JRUBY-3108   a REXML XPath query fails to run correctly
JRUBY-3111   JRuby does not handle '@' sign in YAML file correctly.
JRUBY-3112   Some Ruby instances are not roundtripping from Ruby to Java
and back
JRUBY-3117   Constant lookup from method inside class ::Object is
JRUBY-3118   Creating a subclass of MatchData that's instantiable blows
up because there's no allocator
JRUBY-3122   Arity.required(3) ends up reporting the wrong arity
JRUBY-3126   Allow Rubygems to be loaded and used from within jar files
JRUBY-3130   JRuby selects wrong static method on Java class
JRUBY-3131   obj.send :binding does not set the binding's 'self' to obj
JRUBY-3132   String.split is broken
JRUBY-3133   'jgem update' causes: java.lang.AssertionError:
UpdateCommand is not interned
JRUBY-3134   Define RubyRange.min/max
JRUBY-3135   RubyException doesn't define to_str
JRUBY-3138   import 'java.lang' and similar break due to missing
PackageSearch class
JRUBY-3140   Const lookup failures in precompiled specs
JRUBY-3141   Array index error in JCodings running latest String#rindex
JRUBY-3145   Module#include detects cyclic includes
JRUBY-3149   Float#to_s returns a string representation of self,
possibly Nan, -Infinity, +Infinity
JRUBY-3155   TCPSocket#puts block when the socket is waiting in read
JRUBY-3156   Import of Java classes in "main" object has no effect
JRUBY-3161      java interface in base class cannot implement in derived
JRUBY-3162   Dir.glob does not like encodings, and will fail when used
with File.expand_path
JRUBY-3172   Error in YAML.dump
JRUBY-3173   require in 1.1.5 prefers files in the current directory
despite loadpath (even with "." removed)
JRUBY-3176   Thread#wakeup doesn't wake up a sleeping thread
JRUBY-3181   [PATCH] Stack trace lost when re-raising an exception
JRUBY-3182   Symlink doesn't work with relative path destinations and
JRUBY-3185   Ruby.descriptors was leaking endless WeakReferences (with
Integer key).
JRUBY-3188   NPE when loading file in tzinfo (used by ActiveSupport)
JRUBY-3189   java.lang.Iterable should have an each method
JRUBY-3191   Including same Java interface twice causes ClassFormatError
JRUBY-3192   Return type coercion to java interfaces broken by new JI
JRUBY-3195   jruby-openssl fails to load but reports no error
JRUBY-3197   Fix "undefined method `uid' for nil:NilClass" problem with
Rubygems 1.3.1
JRUBY-3198   String#slice! not working correctly when used with string
read from file
JRUBY-3201   JRubyApplet failing when using TrivialFacade.
JRUBY-3209   "java -jar jruby-complete.jar -S jirb" does not run if
~/.jruby exists
JRUBY-3210   the ./ behavior with load is not MRI compatible
JRUBY-3213   for loop broken for 1.9
JRUBY-3217   Memory Leak with Adopted Threads
JRUBY-3225   [Regression] slowdown in Jruby 1.1.6RC2 using Rails 2.1.1
JRUBY-3230   Hpricot broke from 1.5 to 1.6
JRUBY-3233   JRuby with Rails 2.2.2 unable to instantiate a java class
JRUBY-3234   Difference in require behaviour with MRI with ".rb" suffix

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