Forum: Ruby on Rails acts_as_tree?? Heirarchy needed

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Iain A. (Guest)
on 2008-12-10 14:10
(Received via mailing list)

I have a problem that I thought I could solve with acts_as_tree but
I'm thinking now that acts_as_tree doesn't quite fit the bill.

Basically I have a standard hierarchy with 1 difference:

Node 1
       \ Leaf 1
       \ Node 2
                    \ Leaf 2
                    \ Node 3
                                 \ Leaf 3
                                 \ Link back to Node 3 **** HARD BIT
                                 \ Node 4
                                              \ Leaf 4
                                              \ Leaf 5

The problem is Node 3's parent is Node 2 so linking back to Node 3 is


node5.children << node 3      -- This will cause node3's parent_id be
node5 and not node 2

Can anyone think of a way to do this??


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