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Shintaro (Guest)
on 2008-12-09 02:08
(Received via mailing list)
Hi all,

We have just released Thetis ver.0.9.5_1,
the newest version of the World-Strongest Open-Source Groupware
based on RoR.

It is absolute free, under the terms of Modified BSD License.

* Try our Demo

* Download

* User's Manual

* New Features and Improvements:
  + Each of registrant and sanction Users can move and delete Items of
    Workflows now separately.

  + Strage location for Attachment files of Items comes to be
selectable in file-
    system in addition to conventional database.

  + By Workflows and Templates of Items, it corrected so that images
    attachment files might also be reflected in the created items.

  + When displaying Schedules by Group or by Team, Schedule of each
member can
    now be shown in calendar form in a popup-window.

  + Popup-Calendar button has been added on Desktop.

  + Access to the database has been optimized and access frequency

  + In addition, some bug-fixes.

  + Please refer to User's Manual for more detail.

Try and have fun!

Your cooperation to correct our wording in English and German or
into other languages will be extremely appreciated.
(Refer to thetis/po folder and visit our Forum on the Demo-site)

Thetis Developers
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