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Michael G. (Guest)
on 2008-12-08 14:28
(Received via mailing list)
I've used polymorphic routes which seem to not be QUITE what most
people mean when they use this term.  Most discussions are intended to
handle things like:


where the comments controller handles different parent types.

I have often used something more like this:


Each of these are "scoped" such that if a params[:user_id] is present,
it will scope the domains list, via something like:

  def index
    if @user
      @domains =
      @domains = Domains.find :all


  def load_user
    if params[:user_id]
      @user = User.find params[:user_id]

This technique works well for me, even if not QUITE so DRY as I would
like.  However, when the paths get more complicated:


my technique quickly becomes at best complicated, and at worse
impossible to implement and debug easily.  This is mainly because some
operations are ALWAYS scoped (modifying a domain, for instance) while
others are not.  I suppose I could just check permissions on each
operation and only scope the index method, as that is the only one I
really want to narrow down data for.  Once a user lists their domains,
I don't care if it is used via the /domains/ prefix directly.
However, this means that permission checking will have to occur, where
by scoping it I manage to avoid having to do a lot of this, as all I
need to do is check if == params[:user_id] or if
current_user is an admin.

The additional scoping for direct operations on a specific item seem
to be most of the problem, as it is mostly unnecessary.

Do others have solutions to this sort of problem that are cleaner than
what I have done, or might end up doing?

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