Forum: JRuby GlassFish gem ver 0.9.1 released

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Vivek P. (Guest)
on 2008-12-05 02:20
(Received via mailing list)
GlassFish gem 0.9.1 is
It has lots of bug fixes and performance improvements.


22724 "asadmin" in %JRUBY_HOME\bin should be renamed to avoid
22741 JRuby on Rails on Glassfish — Unexplainable NameError
22774 Gem 0.9.0 does not work in Production on Windows with JRuby 1.4+
22793 0.9.0 gem has 'Activator start error'
22795 -p option throws BindException
22836 Glassfish gem 0.9 problems on Ubuntu and Windows
22861 Error if RAILS_GEM_VERSION isn't defined
23007 uninitialized constant Rack while creating error app
23090 Environment flag -e is not correctly used for Merb app

* Issues

6754 Running Typo in GlassFish Gem throws multiple exceptions
6764 "Rails" text shows up when deploying anything
6765 GlassFish Gem does not list rack as a dependency
6767 Impossible to set production environment for merb

*How to use:
Simply type glassfish in your application directory. If not sure see

jruby -S glassfish -h

You can see the GlassFish gem documentation at: Try it out and send your feedback to
forum report issues at the issue tracker.
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