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Heesob P. (Guest)
on 2008-12-04 05:41
(Received via mailing list)

I'm pleased to announce the preview release of ruby-iup
ruby-iup is a binding library for the IUP GUI toolkit.

IUP is a portable toolkit for building graphical user interfaces. It
offers a
configuration API in three basic languages: C, Lua and LED. IUP's
purpose is
to allow a program to be executed in different systems without any
therefore it is highly portable. Its main advantages are:

- high performance, due to the fact that it uses native interface

- fast learning by the user, due to the simplicity of its API.

Refer to

For now, no document and test are included and works on Linux and

Some example codes are provided and theses are ported from C code.

Some Screenshots:

== Example ==

  require 'iup'

  male  = Iup.Toggle("Male")
  female = Iup.Toggle("Female")
  exclusive = Iup.Radio(Iup.Vbox([male,female]))
  exclusive.value = female
  exclusive.tip = "Two state button - Exclusive - RADIO"
  frame = Iup.Frame(exclusive,:title=>"Gender")
  dialog = Iup.Dialog(Iup.Hbox([Iup.Fill,frame,Iup.Fill]))
  dialog.attr = "SIZE=140, TITLE=IupRadio, RESIZE=NO, MINBOX=NO,

== Get It ==

gem install ruby-iup

== Notes ==


  The OCI compatible binary gem is availble.
  Tray application and MDI application is possible.

Other OS:
  Requires motif compatible library.
  Prebuilt IUP library are available at

== To do ==

  Unit Test code.
  Make MacOS gem.


Park H.
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