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VP (Guest)
on 2008-11-27 17:43
(Received via mailing list)
Hi, i'm trying to use the GeoKit plugin to calculate the distance
between 2 points. So the idea is, i do a search for an article, and
the results i want to order by distance. So i have a form where I
enter the article (that im looking for) and my address. Then rails
must find all articles that match with my query and order by address.

So now, i have two models: Article and User. Articles belongs_to User
and User has_many Articles. At the User model i have the info related
with my latitude and longitude.

So my Article object has three fields: id name user_id (FK to User

And my user model has four fields id name lat (latitude) lng

OK, to have access to the user info thru articles i do the query:

@articles = Article.find(:all,:conditions=>"vectors @@ to_tsquery
('büch')",:joins=>" INNER JOIN users ON =

it works. But when i wanna add an :order=>'distance ASC' it fails
because the order by query is using a, and Article.lng
fields to calculate the distance, but these fields lat and lng, are
User object's members and not Article member.

BTW if I get the query generated by rails and i change the order by
clause where uses to it works.
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