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Antonio F. (Guest)
on 2008-11-25 11:29
Hi guys!

We try use ActsAsFerret from trunk
But shit happen!

We create singel index for multi models like in
When we use Local index all work good.
But when work with Drb Server with singel index it`s work very strange
Whot he do: when we set params page & per_page in ferret_options not in
he fetch all records that hi found!
but with Local Index All right.

I go to source ActsAsFerret and see that for multi model search use
late_pagination(after fetching all records for all models)
hi send message for index  index.shared?
With local Index index.shared? return true
But with Drb Server index.shared? return false
What is Shet?

I deep in source and so
method shared? of Class Index check
index_definition[:registered_models].size > 1

when i define index all models put in
index_definition[:registered_models] << clazz  Thats true for
When i use Drb serv i dont anderstand how models registerd
thats  sorce code from ferret_server
 def register_class(class_name)
        @logger.debug "############ registerclass #{class_name}"
        @logger.debug "index for class #{class_name}:

I dont anderstand why registerd  process send rend request to Drb server
but asking index.shared?  don send to Drb and looking to
index_definition[:registered_models].size > 1

Now i try install ferret from trun!
May be some one cat comment this please help!
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