Forum: Rails deployment "undefined local variable or method" in view, for "if var"

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Jared S. (Guest)
on 2008-11-24 08:09
Hey, this feels like a dumb question, but I feel like this should be

I have a partial, and sometimes when I render it I'm passing in a
variable via :locals called "invisible", because sometimes I want it to
start out as "display:none" then use js to make it appear. If I don't
pass it that variable, I want it to display normally.

So I have this line in my view:
<% if invisible %>
<% end %>

And I'm getting the "undefined local variable or method `invisible'"
error. I would think that "invisible" would be nil, and evaluate to
false, as it does in ruby code. Is that not the case with .html.erb

I tried this, and get the same result:

<% if !invisible.nil? %>
<% end %>

Can anyone shine some light on this quirk? Is there a place that
describes how erb works differently than ruby code?

Thanks in advance!
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