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Ed (Guest)
on 2008-11-22 05:13
(Received via mailing list)
How would I pass an attribute name into a named_scope lambda?

I want to be able to search an active record class for nil values in a
particular attribute.  Would like to use a named_scope instead of find
() because I want to tack other methods on the end of the result.
Syntax I've tried:

# workouts table in mySQL:
# attributes time, reps, weight, distance

class Workout < ActiveRecord::Base
named_scope :no_score, lambda {|compare| {:conditions => ["? IS NULL",
compare]}}    # tried all these
named_scope :no_score, lambda {|compare| {:conditions => {compare =>
nil }}}                  # forms of syntax
named_scope :no_score, lambda {|compare| {:conditions =>
{compare.intern => nil }}}         # with no success


Any ideas where I"m going wrong with the syntax?
Ed (Guest)
on 2008-11-22 06:26
(Received via mailing list)
never mind, I sorted it out.  Solution:

named_scope :no_score, lambda { |compare| { :conditions => "#{compare}
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