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Bob McGwier (Guest)
on 2008-11-14 15:42
(Received via mailing list)

Future Jack2 will be based on C++ jackdmp code base. Jack 1.90 is the
"renaming" of jackdmp and the result of a lot of developments started
after LAC 2008.

What is new:

- waf based build system : Nedko Arnaudov, Grame for preliminary OSX
- control API, dbus based server control access : Nedko Arnaudov, Grame
- NetJack2 components (in progress)  : jack_net backend, netmanager,
audioadapter, netadapter : Romain Moret, Grame
- code restructuring to help port on other architectures : Michael V.
- code cleanup/optimization : Tim Blechmann
- improve handling of server internal clients that can now be loaded/
unloaded using the new server control API : Grame
- a lot of bug fix and improvements

Jack 1.90 (API compatible with Jack 0.109.2) is now distributed in 2
different versions:

Source code only:

Source code with OSX 32/64bits and Windows binaries:



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