Forum: Ruby on Rails Juggarnaut installation on windows

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Shalmali K. (Guest)
on 2008-11-05 09:59

I am trying to create chat application on windows. For this I am using
Juggarnaut. For using juggarnaut, we need to start push_server. But I am
not getting how to run push_server on windows.

From one of the tutorial I ran this command for starting push_server,

ruby script/push_server from my project folder.

But I got Load error for push_server.

I am using ruby - 1.8.6
rails - 2.0.2

juggarnaut - 0.5.1
json - 1.1.1
eventmachine - 0.12.0

Can anyone tell me how to use juggarnaut on windows?

Or are there any other options to create chat application on windows
with rails?
instead of coding it?

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