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Kaleem A. (Guest)
on 2008-10-23 13:37
(Received via mailing list)

I am using RFX2400+USRP+SUSI, and I have two questions:

1)  I am extending my main class from gr.top_block and I have noticed
all application examples which implement GUI are using
stdgui.gui_flow_graph. I have tried stdgui.....but in my application
cant be used because I have to run parallel/multiple flowgraphs but I
to implement GUI as well. Can some one guide me how can integerate GUI
such an application using gr.top_block, it would be better if one could
refer me to some example code.

2)  After reading many posts on this forum I have got an idea how the
transmission power is controlled and implemented but still I am unable
get exact figure in dB. I mean I read that the transmission power is set

u.set_pga(0/1, gain)....By doing this we set the maximum balue of gain,
it is not setting the amplitude of transmitted signal (i.e. transmission
power) or in other words it simply set what can be the maximum
power (maximum limit allowed).

But the actual transmission power is set by the following:
gr.multiply_const_cc(AMPLITUDE)......and the maximum AMPLITUDE is ~32000

It means that maximum AMPLITUDE i.e ~32000 can only be set if first we
set gain by set_pga() to maximum allowed value.
-----------------------------------Please let me know if above concept

Now I want to know what is the exact (or almost) transmission power in
corresponding to different values of AMPLITUDE, e.g. what for the

AMPLITUDE = 32000......  ?? dB
AMPLITUDE = 26000......  ?? dB
AMPLITUDE = 20000......  ?? dB
AMPLITUDE = 16000......  ?? dB
AMPLITUDE = 10000......  ?? dB

and is there any standard formulea which I can use to exactly calculate
dB value corresponding any AMPLITUDE value?

Thanks in advance

Kaleem Ahmad
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