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John L. (IRONRUBY) (Guest)
on 2008-10-22 03:14
(Received via mailing list)
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tfpt review "/shelveset:bugfixes-10;REDMOND\jflam"
Comment  :
  Fixes find bug, adds thunks for system and system.drawing assemblies
and forces ironruby to use MRI gem path
Jim D. (Guest)
on 2008-10-22 03:21
(Received via mailing list)
Two comments:

* The change from ironruby to ruby in the ExecutionContext might break a
lang test. You can check with rake mspec:lang.
* Should we default the .NET namespaces to do a default require, without
the file, but allow that require to be overridden with a file?

Other than that it looks good.
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