Forum: Ruby on Rails problems running an older (1.1.6) rails app under 2.0.2

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Kyle E. (Guest)
on 2008-10-03 22:57
I've been trying to get my old rails app (environment.rb tells me it was
1.1.6) working under 2.0.2 and I've been having a hell of a time. Trying
to start up webrick nets me this:

kyle@sublime-porte:~/code/Ruby/midnet$ rails script/server
File exists - /home/kyle/code/Ruby/midnet/script/server
ln: accessing `/home/kyle/code/Ruby/midnet/script/server/vendor/': Not a
ln: accessing `/home/kyle/code/Ruby/midnet/script/server/vendor/rails':
Not a directory
ln: accessing `/home/kyle/code/Ruby/midnet/script/server/doc/api': Not a

This never happened before. I don't know why it's looking in the
(non-existent) vendor folder for the rails files, when I've got rails
already installed in the correct place. I gathered that by 'freezing' my
rails app I force it to look locally for the files it needs- but I never
froze anything. This happens for script/about, script/console, and the
rest. I've made no changes at all to the code since it last worked a few
months ago.
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