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Cameron Y. (Guest)
on 2008-07-28 15:03
(Received via mailing list)
Hi all, I'm using Rails and Engines 2.1.0 and ran into a problem while
setting up some config.gem dependencies.

>From my test.rb environment

# Gems specifically required for testing
config.gem 'rspec',         :lib => 'spec',         :version => '1.1.4'
config.gem 'rspec-rails',   :lib => 'spec/rails',   :version => '1.1.4'
config.gem 'ZenTest'

Starting test environment from console

$ script/server -e test
These gems that this application depends on are missing:
 - rspec
 - rspec-rails
 - ZenTest
Run "rake gems:install" to install them.
Attempting to copy plugin assets from
'/Users/cameron/Sites/marque/glue/vendor/plugins/glue_core/assets' to
`build': undefined method `[]' for :glue_core:Symbol (NoMethodError)

Strangely enough, commenting out the following line from
config/routes.rb seems to get rid of the errors (although it's
obviously not a solution!)

# Install routes from the glue core plugin
map.from_plugin :glue_core

Anyone run into this before?
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