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brian.takita (Guest)
on 2005-11-14 00:14
(Received via mailing list)

I have a rake task named setup, that depends on a file task that
creates a yml file that has the path to ruby on the system. I would
like setup to abort if the file is created and tell the user to edit
the yml file to the actual ruby path.

So far, the only way I can think of to do it is using the exit method.

However I get the following message:
$ rake setup
(in /cygdrive/c/dev/ruby/project)
property 'svn:ignore' set on '.'
Please edit the ruby_env.yml file with the path to ruby on your system.
Then run 'rake setup' again.
rake aborted!
../rakefile:37:in `exit'

However, the last three lines look like an error and would probably be
confusing to the user.

Is there a more elegant way to do this in rake?

Thank you,
Brian T.
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