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Antonio F. (Guest)
on 2007-08-01 22:15
Im trying to connect to a webservice developed in java, but im getting
this error:

warning: peer certificate won't be verified in this SSL session
ignored element:
warning: peer certificate won't be verified in this SSL session
#<SOAP::Mapping::Object:0x35b88dc>: SoapMapper:Converting data for
SoapMapper fa
iled inside the typemapper (SOAP::FaultError)

the function um trying to access in the wsdl is:

<message name="CMWS.CSPT_Search">
  <part name="User" type="xsd:string"/>
  <part name="Password" type="xsd:string"/>
  <part name="Key" type="xsd:string"/>
  <part name="SearchType" type="xsd:short"/>
  <part name="KeyType" type="xsd:short"/>
  <part name="FlagScope" type="xsd:short"/>
  <part name="IdDistrito" type="xsd:short"/>
  <part name="IdConcelho" type="xsd:short"/>
  <part name="FlagNoSort" type="xsd:short"/>
  <part name="RetCount" type="xsd:short"/>
  <part name="PostalCode" type="xsd:string"/>
  <part name="ProductCode" type="xsd:string"/>
  <part name="RequestRef" type="xsd:string"/>
  <part name="IdLanguage" type="xsd:short"/>
  <part name="Update" type="xsd:short"/>
  <part name="Priority" type="xsd:short"/>
  <part name="Comments" type="xsd:string"/>

and my ruby code to access the webservice:

require 'soap/wsdlDriver'

url = "https://myurl/aaa.WSDL"
soap =


Can anybody give me an help on this
Antonio F. (Guest)
on 2007-08-02 02:23
Anybody can give me an hint?

Thank you in advance
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