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johan pretorius (Guest)
on 2007-08-01 11:07
(Received via mailing list)
Hi there,

I'm based in South Africa and new to Ruby (but not to software
development), and would like to get some feedback from you guys on
Ruby related podcasts.

Any recommendations?


Sharon P. (Guest)
on 2007-08-01 11:29
(Received via mailing list)
On 01/08/2007, at 5:06 PM, johan pretorius wrote:

> Johan
There's two I listen to, but I'm also keen to see what else is out

'Ruby on Rails Podcast' presented by Scott Baron. Mostly informal
interviews/discussions with all sorts of interesting people. Features
music by _why. Don't let the 'Rails' bit put you off, well worth a

freelancingonrails (removed_email_address@domain.invalid). Mainly focused on the
business side of being a small freelance developer. Australian guy
living in (I think) NZ.

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