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Philipp R. (Guest)
on 2007-07-30 03:29

I've started a project recently and decided to use the rest capabilities
I generated a few resources with scaffold_resource and did some nesting:

 map.resources :roots do |roots|
    roots.resources :children do |children|
      children.resources :subchildren do |subchildren|
        subchildren.resources :subsubchildren

( I've changed the names of the resources in this post for the sake of
simplicity ;-) )

Now i want to have a overview page which shows ALL resources
hierarchical starting with the root resource (like act_as_tree or
act_as_nested_set ).
How can i do that?

BTW: the relationships are as follows:
root has_many children
children belongs_to root AND has_many subchildren
subchildren belongs_to children AND has_many subsubchildren
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