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Damian C. (Guest)
on 2005-11-22 17:59
Hi Folks,
Working through the Agile RoR book though, I've hit a wall at page 57
where I encounter this error:
"Before updating scaffolding from new DB schema, try creating a table
for your model (Product)"

I'm running on Tiger.... and there's a footnote on the page to warn
about this precise error.... OK... so I've gone through all the fixes
for ruby on Tiger. Now I have my mysql gem installed without error (at
least, I think - it's built me a shiny new folder at
/usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/mysql-2.7/ full of the right looking stuff
and the make file ran without errors.). (I can't actually run the
test.rb that it's made me.... it gives me an error saying it's looking
for mysql.o.... no idea what that is...... but I otherwise keep
optimistic that the mysql fix has worked......)

But working through the example I still hit that error.
On the pragmatic programmers errat pages I read:
" This
needs fixed before mysql gem will work. And the mysql gem needs to work
before the scaffold command works."

Ok, so maybe this is my problem.....
>>And the mysql gem needs to work before the scaffold command works
 but what exactly does it mean. what do I have to do?

I'd be most grateful if anyone can pull me out of this....
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