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zhifeng chen (Guest)
on 2007-06-29 23:01
(Received via mailing list)
I just buy two sets of RFX900 a few days ago. now I can run
and normally now. But when I try to run for
full duplex test, I can hear nothing in both sides. I check the source
and find self.set_transmit(False) in the __init__ of ptt_graph, so I
it to self.set_transmit(True) in PC_A with microphone input and leave it
False in PC_B with speaker output. Now there are some noise output in
but still don't have any voice ouput come from my input from microphone
PC_A. I am try to search in archives of this maillist and read the
codes by myself, but still have not find the answer. Could anyone help
for below question:
1. Do I need to change the usrp_nbfm_ptt source code to test RFX900? If
how to change for simplex and duplex respectively?
2. I see rx_subdev_spec, tx_subdev_spec, audio_input and audio_output
options may be detect by program automtically if we don'e spectify, is
right? I also find side A seems to be first priority if automatically
detected, but why there are still signal input and output in side B at
same time?
3. How to set parameters in command line to run, my
setting is: ./ -f 900e6 for both PC_A and PC_B.
4. after showup the gui, I can't move the sliders in the control panel,
although there are sliders there. Is it normal?

Thank you very much!

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