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Jonathan L. (Guest)
on 2007-06-03 11:57
(Received via mailing list)

lets say I have a Project that can have many Pages

Pages are acts_as_list so I have extra actions to move one "higher"
or "lower" in the list

I have this in routes.rb

   map.resources :pages,
                 :member => { :higher => :put,
                                          :lower => :put }

   map.resources :projects do |project|
     project.resources :pages, :name_prefix => "project_" # /projects/

this works fine for all except the member ones
for example, I can edit a page with GET /projects/99/pages/123/edit

but when i do PUT /projects/99/pages/123/higher
I get "no route found"

I get no method on:  project_higher_page_path("99","123")
although this is fine:  project_edit_page_path("99","123")

PS I am using Edge but not using the new routes resources. If this
can be solved with that, i'd be happy to know how to do it that way.


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