Forum: Ruby on Rails array parameter unescaping in Rails 1.2.3

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on 2007-06-01 21:49
(Received via mailing list)
Has anyone observed strange results with specialized form construction
that yields array parameters in Rails? Specifically, I'm having an
issue where values aren't being properly unescaped:

... author_fields.text_field :email, :name => "authors[][email]" ...

=> PARAMETERS: "authors"=>[{"email"=> ""},...]

If there are two objects in the array then that %40 becomes a %2540,
ie twice escaped.  In order to work around this I've written a before
filter which grabs array parameters and escapes each item n times,
where n is the length of the array.  Scary.  I want to see if I can
trace this problem to Rails source, but I wanted to do a quick survey
and make sure I'm not making a stupid mistake, or whether this problem
hadn't been fixed already.  Cursory Google searching suggests
neither.  Thanks,

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