Forum: Ruby on Rails where to put pagination_by_sql code?

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Rm R. (Guest)
on 2007-06-01 05:50
I am trying to use the pagination_by_sql explained here :

Now I don't know where to put the following code sso that all the models
could use it.

module ActiveRecord
    class Base
        def self.find_by_sql_with_limit(sql, offset, limit)
            sql = sanitize_sql(sql)
            add_limit!(sql, {:limit => limit, :offset => offset})

        def self.count_by_sql_wrapping_select_query(sql)
            sql = sanitize_sql(sql)
            count_by_sql("select count(*) from (#{sql}) as my_table")

But I can't figure out where the code for ActiveRecord would go? Where
is the activerrecord base class in the directory structure to modify?

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