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Thomas J. (Guest)
on 2007-05-29 19:10
I have been searching for a while now have not be able to find any type
of list of the prototype and effects functions available to rjs. Most of
what I have done has either come from simple examples found here and
there or guess work(mostly the latter). Here is the problem that I am

<% proj_div = "proj_div#{}" %>
<% proj_url = "/project/show_status/#{}" %>
  <li><%= link_to_function("Edit", nil, :id => "edit_ref#{}")
do |page|
          page.Ajax.Updater(proj_div, proj_url, {:asynchronous => true,
:evalScripts => true, :onComplete => "alert('it worked!');"})

firefox error
Error: this.initialize has no properties
Source File: http://localhost:3001/javascripts/prototype.js?1178489268
Line: 23

selection source
<li><a href="#" id="edit_ref3484"
&quot;/project/show_status/3484&quot;, {evalScripts: true, asynchronous:
true, onComplete: &quot;alert('it worked!');&quot;});; return

I am not really sure what I am doing wrong. This is all guess work so I
may be way off. I know that I could just use link_to_remote but I plan
on doing much more there but it all depends on being able to use the
Ajax.Updater function. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Thomas J. (Guest)
on 2007-05-29 19:33
I have traced the source of the problem down to the fact that the quotes
are converted to &quot;'s. Any suggestions as to how I can prevent that?
TheIdeaMan (Guest)
on 2007-05-31 18:13
(Received via mailing list)
You need to put "new" in front of your Ajax.Updater line. If you add
that, you should get the expected result.

Hope that helps.
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