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Victor "Zverok" Shepelev (Guest)
on 2007-05-28 11:00
(Received via mailing list)
Hello all.

Only wanted to show two short probability tricks, which can make use in
games or other "random" environments.

#Trick 1: use ~ sign to say "approximately"

class Numeric
   LEVEL = 0.3
   def ~
     self + self * rand(LEVEL) - self* LEVEL/2.0

#testing it:

10.times{puts "=" * ~15.0}

#now you shall see 10 bars with random lengthes in range 15 +-15%
#can be used, for example, in game charactes move: go(~10.0),

#!warning: we still leave Fixnum#~ as byte negation
#you can rewrite it too, but on your own risk!

#Trick 2: indeterminate event

def probable(pct)
  yield if rand(0.99999999) < pct

res = 0

  probable(0.4){res += 1}
#100 times increase res with 40% probability

p res
#you should see something between 30 and 50...

Isn't cool? :)

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