Forum: Ruby on Rails Approaching a ranking system (concept)

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on 2007-05-17 21:11
(Received via mailing list)
I'm making a music recommendation site and on the front page I'd like
to show the latest 10 albums based on activity. Instead of just
sorting by votes Id like a more accurate approach to what gets on the
front page (like digg).

I'd like some recommendations on how to approach creating this system,
specificly: -the difficulty of implementing this system (new to ruby) -
easier ways of approaching this

Current concept: Conditions would be based on the most active items
sorted by value, limit 10.

Value is determined by:
+/- Votes (+50 value)
+ Comments (+10 value)
+ Page Views (+1 value)
-  Red Flag Button (-100 value)

Activity is determined by: Amount of increases / decreases in value in
the last 24 hours

*Since the value is weighted would activity have to be also?
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