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Eng. Firas (Guest)
on 2007-05-17 19:18
(Received via mailing list)
Dear Matt,
Dear Eric,

Is there away to disable (or bypass) the USRP FPGA DDC half band filter?
want to get the samples directly from the CIC decimation filter and do
low pass filtering by software. I developed a MATLAB based professional
100KHz bandwidth digital down converter as shown in the attached m file.
want to test this design in USRP. In the mean time, I cannot do this
I don't have access to the CIC output samples because of the HBF.
Waiting for your help, thank you.

Firas. testddc100k.m
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Eric B. (Guest)
on 2007-05-18 07:08
(Received via mailing list)
On Thu, May 17, 2007 at 08:18:13AM -0700, Eng. Firas wrote:
> Waiting for your help, thank you.
> Firas.
> testddc100k.m

If receive only is OK, you can use the 4rx_0tx.rbf fpga configuration.

  u = usrp.source_c(0, fpga_filename="std_4rx_0tx.rbf")

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