Forum: GNU Radio Bluetooth using RFX-2400

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Dominic S. (Guest)
on 2007-05-16 20:22
(Received via mailing list)

I know Bluetooth has been mentioned on the mailing list a few time, and
response was a bit varied, but I thought I'd mention that I've been
on it for this for the past few weeks.

I'm using the USRP to sniff packets on a single frequency, and it seems
work well, but the obvious problem is frequency hopping.  I have two

1) What is the bandwidth of the RFX-2400 daughterboard, i.e. how many
Bluetooth channels (1MHz intervals) can I receive at any one time with

2) Or conversely, if I want to watch the hopping pattern using FFTs to
get the
order of the frequencies that it hops to, how many daughterboard will I
to use to view the full spectrum (80MHz)?

3) If anyone is interested in playing with Bluetooth and the USRP and
like the code that I've written, let me know and I'll send it.  It's in
a bit
of a horrible state and there's no documentation as to how it works or
it does.

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