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Gold, Phillip W (Guest)
on 2007-04-30 20:22
(Received via mailing list)
Has anyone successfully used LabVIEW here?  Is USRP interface code
available for either Matlab OR LabVIEW?


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> On Thu, Apr 26, 2007 at 02:48:34PM -0400, Kevin Rudd (Contractor)
>> Thanks for the suggestion.  I dove into the TCP code to try and
figure out
>> what it was doing.  I found my problem.  I have to use the following
>> command...
>> data  = pnet(con, 'read', 1000, 'SINGLE', 'NATIVE');
>> Now I notice that matlab seems to be lag behind the USRP.  So, maybe
>> is not the best path to process the data in realtime.  I am curious
what the
>> best data rate someone has sustained using a TCP connection.
> TCP on GigE can do upwards of 100MB/s ;)
>> If I get it up and going, I will post my code and a howto so others
>> stream data to and from MATLAB in real time.
> Thanks.
> Eric
Hi Kevin,

I'm never directly sending samples to and from Matlab (for my
application Matlab is too slow and can't keep up with the USRP).
Instead, in Matlab I generate my waveform first, and then use Matlab's
built in FTP to send the file to the USRP server computer. To generate
the file that I send, I use write_float_binary.m
(gnuradio-core\src\utils\). The resulting ".dat" file can then be used
directly with a regular GNU Radio file source.

I wouldn't be surprised if the USRP overflows that you are seeing are
attributed to Matlab's inability to keep up (assuming you are going from

the USRP to Matlab).

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