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Robert Shiplett (Guest)
on 2007-04-09 02:51
(Received via mailing list)

re: Mondrian under latest Ruby and Fox

I am running the Mondrian editor ( V 1 beta 8, 2005) under current Ruby
+ Fox.

There were really very few changes to Mondrian needed .. a few in

I am down to just getting

   I:\ruby\Mondrian Ruby IDE>..\bin\ruby Mondrian.rbw
   addItemFirst() is deprecated; use prependItem() instead
   addItemFirst() is deprecated; use prependItem() instead

So I have gone from editing that SourceBrowser.rb file in Arachno TRIAL
to editing it in Mondrian ..
Now to get code folding ;-)

I should mention that I am running Mondrian in

I:\ruby\bin>ruby -v
ruby 1.8.6 (2007-03-13 patchlevel 0) [i386-mswin32]


with require 'fox16' in all Mondrian files that were previously 'fox12'


Robert Shiplett
Smalltalk-Prolog guy
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