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ahFeel (Guest)
on 2007-03-22 12:09
Hi all :)

I have many objects with a url field, of course containing standards
I'm trying to match them but i actually got problems with that.

Here's a little code of what i would like to achieve:
require 'rubygems'
require 'ferret'
require 'ftools'

class TestAnalyzer
  def token_stream(field, str)
    ts =
    ts =

system 'rm -rf /tmp/ferret_test' if File.exists?('/tmp/ferret_test')
INDEX = => '/tmp/ferret_test', :analyzer =>
INDEX << {:type => :url, :url => ''}
INDEX << {:type => :url, :url => ''}
INDEX << {:type => :url, :url => ''}
INDEX << {:type => :url, :url => ''}

['type:url AND url:*google*',
 'type:url AND url:*"://foobar"*',
 'type:url AND url:"http://goo"*',
 'type:url AND url:"http://goo*"'].each do |q|
  puts "\nSearching #{q}" { |x| p INDEX[x.doc].load }
  puts "\n"

Thanks by advance !
Jeremie 'ahFeel' BORDIER
Rift Technologies
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