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gga (Guest)
on 2007-03-21 22:50
(Received via mailing list)
This is mainly a bug fix release.

What's Getopt::Declare?

It is yet another command-line parser, that uses regular expressions
in its engine.  It is designed to be extremely easy to use, but very


 require "Getopt/Declare"
 args =<<'EOF')

 -q, --quiet                 quiet
 -f, --files <files:if>...   input files
 -n, --number  <num:n>       a float number
 -i, --integer <num:i>       an integer number


 p args['-q']
 p args['-f']
 p args.unused

For more information:

What's new:

1.23 - * Added all samples as Ruby unit tests, which lead to the
   of some bugs.
       * Fixed silly bug with foundid that would make some parsing not
   work (required parameters).
       * Fixed a silly bug when parsing from a string file, which
         modify the string in place
       * Fixed a bug in that would make it not parse Rh+ and Rh- in
   cmdline_pvttype demo and other potential regexes.
       * Removed 3 warnings from parsing multiple times.
       * Fixed a bug with cluster: singles not working.
       * Fixed a stack trace bug with optional single text arguments.
       * Improved handling of optional integer/float arguments,
   them as nil instead of 0 as before.
       * Added 'used' function to allow returning the flags that are
       * Made CSV demo work again, albeit I am not too happy with the
Duane J. (Guest)
on 2007-03-22 00:50
(Received via mailing list)
Neat-o.  Thanks, gga.  I learned something new from your example code
too... that having a closing paren around the start of a heredoc
string is OK.  Cool!

Duane J.
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