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Stiv T. (Guest)
on 2007-03-20 20:43
I'm trying to do a simple file (image) upload and I'm running into
trouble with permission to upload the file

System: XP
User staus: local admin
Rails env: Instant rails w/Mongrel (vanilla setup)
local site (host file setup
local port 3010
apache modifed to proxy (per instant rails setup)

I've added a directory called "media" under the public directory in my

in my npicture.rb
 ..."#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/media/#{@filename}", "wb") do |f|

When I run this I get
Permission denied - C:/InstantRails/rails_apps/SGM/public/media/

When I look at file/folder properties the attributes are set to
read-only and the system does not respect a change to that check box and
I've set all users on the system to have full controll of the
InstantRails directory and all subdirectories - still shows read only)

Could there be some tweaking necessary to the apache config (perhaps a
Directory element in the VirtualHost element) for the site which is more
then just the vanilla?

I usually develop on OSX but I'm stuck and a win box for the next couple
of weeks. Part of me wants to just say "stupid windows" and just wait
until I can get back to my Mac....
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