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Kevin S. (Guest)
on 2007-03-13 03:07
Looking for skilled web developer to help build the backbone of an early
stage company.  Ideal person is flexible, energetic and committed.  True
start-up situation, with huge upside and a team of experienced
executives who have already been through the start-up process
successfully a few times.  Have cash financing and commitments for more
when the time is right to scale up as well as major players as early
adopters/customers already lined up.

Looking for someone  with a first rate technology background and a
demonstrated expertise in hands-on coding.  Must have a record of
vision, energy and enthusiasm.

Not looking for someone who needs to be led by the hand, but rather
someone eager to take the reins.


•  Specify the product from the business spec.
•  Research critical elements.
•  Provide creative solutions to technical and business problems.
•  Build application to meet aggressive, self-directed milestone
•  Work collaboratively and iteratively with teammates.
•  Recruit teammates with complementary skills.
•  Develop and articulate vision for future product releases.


•  BA/ Bsc or Masters in Computer  Science/  Engineering.
•  5 years experience building (hands-on) server-based Web applications.
•  Deep knowledge of Internet and browser-based technologies.
•  OO Design, Java,  C/ C++, HTML, TCP/ IP, SSL & JavaScript.
•  Basic Web graphic design skills. Ability to guide UI creation.
•  Build systems (ANT/ Make), scripting, Servlets,Struts/Webwork,XML,
•  Web 2.0 skills.
•  Ability to leverage “speed building tools” such as Ruby on Rails.
•  Knowledge of UNIX/ Linux operating environment.
•  Deep MySQL skills - database querying, optimization & design.
•  Skills with scripting in PHP, JavaScript, Perl or Python.
•  Setting up and managing credit card payment systems.
•  Excellent team and collaborative skills.
•  Proven ability to work under deadline and in high-pressure
•  First rate communication skills.
•  Positive attitude and sense of humor is critical.
•  Self-directed and with a track record for creative solutions.
•  Evidence of relentless drive to achieve results.

Desirable Experience :

•  Ecommerce template site development (not template use).
•  Payment gateway development and integration.
•  Affiliate marketing or management software and site development

If this sounds like you shoot an email or resume to Kevin and Mark at
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