Forum: Ruby on Rails eager loading with acts_as_tree

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R. Elliott M. (Guest)
on 2007-03-11 03:29
Sigh, I have a new problem every day.

Okay I have a model that acts_as_tree, so I am trying to eager load the
objects + all of their children, plus their children's children, and so
on.  However, :include => :children alone doesn't do this, and so far
I've got something like:

:include    => [{:children => [{:children => [:children, :upload]},
:upload]}, :upload, :tags])

Is that not absurd or what?  It's so far the only way I can avoid
queries during rendering.  Unfortunately that assumes the depth of the
tree, when in actuality it can be far greater.

Should I limit the depth of the tree?  This is for a discussion forum of
sorts. I don't know if it's typical to have potentially infinite tree
depth in threaded forums.

Should I even worry about pre-loading all data before rendering or just
go with the flow?  I'd like to cut down on the number of queries if
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