Forum: Ruby on Rails Sessions not persistent across http->https

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Clever N. (Guest)
on 2007-03-07 00:46
(Received via mailing list)
So, I turned on our SSL support (apache and mongrel all configured
like they should be, forwarding the protocol header and all that).

Now, here is the problem: whenever I switch between SSL and non-SSL
pages, the session gets lost, and I am issued a new session_id cookie
with a different value.

After some googling, I found this line to add to my environment.rb

=> '')

When I add that line, the session is *never ever* kept, and I am never
actually logged in to the application.  I get instant redirects back
to the login page, because the session is lost.

So, what magical words do I need to put in my config files to make
these sessions persistent like they should be?  Is this code maybe for
older version of RAILS?
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