Forum: Ruby on Rails [ANN] Plugin: Find Resource 0.2 - Incompatible Changes!

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Jon L. (Guest)
on 2007-03-05 19:52
Following the suggestion of Alex W. (, I
have decided to make it so that this plugin only takes effect when the
create_resource_finder method is explicitly called. Previously, if the
plugin was installed it would affect all controllers unless you
specifically asked it not to. Unfortunately this change means that
version 0.2 is incompatible with 0.1 but I think this is acceptable due
to the plugin being only a few days old - the reasoning is that it will
make the "magic" much more obvious to other developers.

Additionally, this format allows the specification of configuration
options. I believe it should now be able to fit 99% of use cases for a
find_foo method. If it doesn't fit your requirements please let me know

For updated documentation and instructions, including the new
configuration options, please see

As always, feedback is very welcome.


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